My Post Easter Sacrilegious Pontification

I’m not remotely Catholic (and don’t plan to be, I am going to say nice things, but I AM NOT a candidate for conversion, thanks, but no thanks).  I lived a conservative Lutheran lifestyle for about 20 years, and I have had my fill of blood and body for now.  So, let’s not make this about me – it’s my blog, but this post is not about me.

For context I always liked the pope two popes ago.  He was the pope through all of my childhood like Ronald Reagan was president through most of my childhood. Also they both got shot, which I think endeared them to me as a small child. Of course I didn’t understand religion or politics in childhood, so their iconic status is a bit tarnished after thirty years.

I also liked the old-old pope better than Billy Graham because that John Paul guy  just waved at you on TV.  Billy Graham pre-empted all my favorite TV shows and forced me to entertain myself for an entire evening whenever he showed up.  The just old, not old-old pope, the Benedict one, yeah him, I like him for quitting.  Seriously, it is a hard thing to quit something you care about but just know isn’t for you.  I recently quit volunteering at the school library because it was too much with all my other work responsibilities.  I realize that quitting the school library volunteer gig is not the same as stepping down as pope for the first time in over 600 years, but I get why he might do that.  I respect him for that.  I hope he has peace his remaining days.

Anyway, except for the misogynistic views about women in leadership eg. the President of Argentina (which doesn’t really impact me because a) I’m not from Argentina b) I don’t want to lead any churches of any sort, and c)  I don’t care what religion says about leadership in public life) I’m kind of digging this new pope.  I like the  humble “of the people” pope with his embracing sick kids, living in a normal people house, and buying his own newspaper for forty years and calling the newspaper stand guy to tell him sorry he’s had to move.

Also, I have to say, it is a SAD SAD SAD state of world events when the pope being a decent human being is HUGE NEWS and when it really IS the only news they can find about him.  It’s not remotely sad that that’s who he actually is, but it is sad because being a genuinely good person and a world leader is no longer what we expect out of people, especially the head of the bride of Christ, but I digress.    It is an even sadder world if we don’t expect that from ourselves.

Anyway, I appreciate the new pope’s  decent human being-ness, and I think he’s doing a great job being a role model not just for Catholics but for all we mere mortals.  So rock on with your good self,  humble pope and keep it up, the world needs more people like you shrugging off excess and getting down to the business of love and acceptance.


Seriously, don’t try to convert me to anything.  Jesus, The Father, and the Spirit and I have a thing and we like it just between the four of us. As for atheists, if you’re right, sadly you won’t get to gloat, so enjoy some silent self-satisfaction in your own faith in nothingness.  I’m not trying to change anyone else, don’t try to change me.  Thanks!

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