Indigestion . . . choking on facts and possibly taxes

I sometimes digest medical news, or the absence of it, with the metabolism of a large snake. In the past eight days I’ve spoken with Liam’s cardiologist, my dermatologist, my new dermatological surgeon, and the scheduler at Children’s of Philadelphia for a second opinion on Liam’s many, many, oh so many Holter results and cath records before we go to Philadelphia. Why can’t I type that word without conjuring images of Ben Franklin, Tom Hanks, Charlie Day in a Green Body Sock, Rocky, and cream cheese? It’s a veritable Brady Bunch/Hollywood square montage of Philly artifacts.  Oh well, my mind is full.

It’s a lot for eight days really.  I’m quite lethargic from all of this medical information. Liam’s Holter was the same as the one two months before but different from the one two months before that.  So, we’re doing absolutely nothing for now, in Denver.  Except hoping he doesn’t go into atrial flutter (google it, it’s not good if you only have half a heart) and/or faint.  Blech, I think I need a Holter.

We’re are going to Philadelphia, so that’s not exactly doing nothing, but that’s a different story unfolding – a future medical information meal.  I also received a bill this week for over $500 for the two Holters, echo, and blood work Liam’s had this year in Denver alone.    But, I’ve met my deductible so now it’s a cool 10% until we hit $2,800 for him. . . and then there’s me.

My face requires a bit of cancer cell digging with a scalpel, but it’s confirmed Basal Cell so it’s good cancer for sure.  Yay good cancer! Said face digging may require subsequent skin grafting.  Said digging and possible grafting may also result in some mild deformation and follow up reconstruction.  My face may require more than one surgery.  Yay!  On the upside, if it looks bad enough I may have a future in dinner theater rivals of Cats!  Some women pay huge money to have their lips deformed, mine is covered by insurance. There’s always a bright side.

And because the healing time and persistent (cha-ching-$45-per-copay) wound checks are so important, I am waiting until I get back from Atlanta in May to do it.  I don’t really want to travel so far from home with stitches and possibly thigh skin on my face.  Well, at least I get my birthday stitch-free.  I’m not cancelling Atlanta because I’m looking forward to it.  I have surgery the Monday after I get home.  Not looking forward to that so much. Oh well, yay good cancer! Though I might now be a little obsessed inspecting every corner of my face for anything resembling the confirmed cancer cells.

Oh yes! Today is tax day, it’s 5:30 pm, and I still don’t know yet if I owe or not.  So many surprises waiting for me in the coming weeks and months.  Fingers crossed I won’t be paying the government for losing money promoting my book.  Speaking of book promotion, I ran an excerpt in my last blog post and ye old book can be won . . . but sadly I have only one comment.  Seriously, if I can’t give it away can I at least get a tax break?

I’m beginning to worry this post is mental vomit.  If so, I’m sorry.  Maybe I should delete it and start over?  I don’t know I’m still digesting.  Really, no one wants to win a free book?


  1. Amanda – I love you, I really, really do! You make me laugh, cry, think, and remind me of myself more times than I can count. You also amaze me with your strength and persistence, and outlook on life – sunny, rainy and partly cloudy. Prayers continue to go up for and for Liam. I must have missed the post about your book, so I went and read it, and will have to read your boook whether I read it or not. I stand in awe of your strength in writing it, laying out all the emotions and memories to the world, something for me that would flay my soul like wire flogging skin and bone. Again, awe…. ❤

  2. Remind me not to try and write a reply when I’m trying to corral Caylen, too! Let’s see – I’m praying for YOU and for Liam, and I have to read your BOOK whether I WIN or not. 😀

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