After the emotional meat I served up last night, here is your sweet, sweet desert!

My son and his 68/69 classmates (there may be one who was taken earlier for other health reasons – don’t know) are EN-ROUTE home!!!! Fortunately, the AMAZING CDOT, State Patrol, County Sheriff and other have cleared a route through Nederland thus eliminating Liam’s risk of going over trail ridge road (Praise the Lord, he was listening). My prayers (and yours) have been answered; the good lord has provided a safer route.

The roads are still wet, still dangerous, still slow, but the adults with the kids are diligent, loving, careful, and, well, HEROES!

Let’s honor the following people:

Liam’s teacher Michelle Venneman who I will love forever and ever! Jim Adams who was ready to duct tape oxygen to our child’s face to keep him safe. Kingley Hobson and Mark Ranglos (Art & PE teachers at Linton), Mrs. Barnes, Mrs. Bagnolo, Nurse Jennifer Wright and the every buoyant and inspiring Sue Holden Harbour. I think I might have missed someone there, but last and certainly not least principal of the century Kristin Whittlesey Stolte who personally left her own dear children to get our kids.

Thank you to the spouses and children of the bus drivers, teachers, principal, and administrators who organized and made this mission happen. I know what it was to have my child away and my husband too – I thank you for your sacrifice for the kids. Thank you CDOT, Larimer County, Poudre School District, YMCA, and Red Cross. I would like to throw you a huge party when the land is dry.

I know there are miles to go before they are home, but it is still warm, the storms aren’t due for hours, and they will be here with us soon. This was a hard time, but the thing about hard times is that when they dissolve the joy they leave behind is purer than any other. My heart is alighted with hope and relief.

For those who’ve loved and listened and prayed for us the past 48 hours – THANK YOU! Your moral support kept me almost sane!



  1. Jo and I are glad to hear that the children are on the way home.I pray for a safe trip.Thank God for providing all these wonderful people to be a part of answered prayer.

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