Living Instead of Blogging Part Two

I chose not to write blog posts Saturday and Sunday.  You can read about what I did instead on Day 26.  On Day 27 I did many more things including:

  • Sorted all of the t-shirts for the t-shirt pickup for our Congenital Heart Walkers
  • Carved Pumpkins!
  • Cuddled on the couch with my entire family and our dog watching The Hobbit
  • Rooted through the Halloween candy for these new all caramel milky way bars that were totally worth the calories.
  • Enjoyed trading writing for living.

Here are our pumpkins.  Happy Halloween week!

We love dogs
We love dogs!
Plants without Zombies
All Our Pumpkins
Liam’s Tie Fighter (passes as a bat)

Tell me what you think.

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