Some truths about dogs and floor care:

  1. Dogs are better/more versatile than vacuum cleaners because there’s no need to switch to the hose attachment to get the dog to suck dead spiders off the basement floor.
  2. Dogs are better/more thorough than a broom/dustpan combo because only one dog is required to get all the crumbs the kids left on the kitchen floor after breakfast.
  3. A dog is better than a mop/faster  because that coffee spilled on the way to the couch is LONG gone before one could free the wet swifter cloth from the box much less to the spill.
  4. While there is the occasional time that one must clean the floor AFTER their dog, it is not as bad as emptying a dust canister from a vacuum or as frequent as pulling dust bunnies from a broom.
  5. We’ll leave the outside outside; that’s a whole other surface.

Tell me what you think.

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