Not My Place to Say

Today was the third day at my new job. Monday was the last day at my old job. Other things that happened today:

  1. My friend had good news for me about a project we are collaborating on together.
  2. My other friend called for some support, and I was able to help her.
  3. Two of my oldest friends were in contact, one to tell the other her son had passed suddenly, and asking to pass the news to me.

It’s not my place to talk about my friend’s loss, and I don’t know many details. I do know we have been friends my son’s entire life, fast friends because our boys both had half hearts.

Another thing that happened today – I didn’t tell my son that the friend I lost was really the child of my friend, or that they share something so significant in common. My son still hugged me for a really long time, an especially long hug for a seventeen year old boy. That I can say. That I know about.

I don’t have secrets, but I also don’t have answers. I do, however, have some terribly strange days full of love and loss, even after all this time.

Hold those you love close. Give extra long hugs. Enjoy the good things that happen in between.

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