The Lost Chapter

When I first wrote my book Heart Warriors, A Family Faces Congenital Heart Disease, its working titles was Informed Consent. I revised more than 60 drafts of the book before it was accepted for publication and a few more after that. The book that was published lost several chapters and paragraphs along the way and … More The Lost Chapter

Just Another Day

Late last summer, while anxious and sleep deprived, my doctor asked me if there were any anniversaries of traumatic events I was remembering. I half laughed, it seems there is always a traumatic event to remember. I told her which one correlated with that time of year. However, I’d not been ruminating or brooding on … More Just Another Day

grown up twelve

My daughter turns twelve tomorrow. Today I went to a jewelry store with a silver charm that I received for my own twelfth birthday. The jeweler cleaned the charm and placed it on a new silver chain. The charm is round and reads “Grown Up Twelve.” But I was not a grown up at twelve … More grown up twelve

Without Heather

Tonight I will meet friends at Heather Lowell’s house. Heather doesn’t live there anymore. She was taken from us after a long battle with breast cancer, on November 30th. But tonight, close to what would have been her forty-second birthday, her many friends will gather with her four young daughters to remember this amazing, vibrant woman. Heather … More Without Heather

How Far We’ve Come

I have made a commitment to limit how much of Liam’s personal information I share publicly. Because of this I’m trying to balance important and helpful information for those parents and adults who follow my blog and social media because they’ve benefited from me sharing our experiences.  At least 6 times a year, sometimes more, … More How Far We’ve Come

Read and Release Book Review: Coming Clean, A Memoir

The first book I read on my new Kindle Paperwhite was Coming Clean, A Memoir by Kimberly Rae Miller. I’m going to jump right into the review categories. Technical Execution and Style: Positives were the clear and direct language. I didn’t stumble on any of the language and never had to reread even one sentence that was … More Read and Release Book Review: Coming Clean, A Memoir