Still So Lucky

Well, despite my two dollar donation, the Gods of Powerball did not answer my call.  So, I will continue to try to change to world my own way.  Would have been a lot easier with seventy-five million dollars.

Last night, after dinner, a new Paul Simon song came on the radio.  The dude just turned seventy, and he’s still rockin’.  Liam loved it and he calls out from the back seat of the car, “Mommy I like this music!”  Oh, he is so my son, further proven by the fact that his third grade teacher went on for several minutes about what a natural writer he is.  But he’s so Jim’s son too with all of the humor and jovial streak that entails.

Moira is still the Hug Warrior, always so kind and affectionate and knowing her own mind.  She’s steadfast and unchanging in the most important ways.  She is  a rock, and I love her like a rock.

I spent the day yesterday in Denver at a Cardiac Kids conference catching up with old friends and making new ones.  It was their seventh conference and I believe I’ve been to them all.  I presented a table for the Children’s Heart Foundation and handed out little bracelets for CHD awareness.  That part was really great.

However, during one of the sessions, an esteemed surgeon very bluntly told the entire auditorium of parents, that all people with any congenital heart defects have an abbreviated life expectancy, that’s just the way it is.  Ah heck, we all know that but we want to pretend it ain’t so.  There was another great presentation about pacemakers.  The good news is – Roller Coasters are back on the table!  The bad news is, with Liam’s heart the way it is they may have to open his chest again to get it in.  Six open heart surgeries? That will hang over my head until we know for sure.  I’m hoping they can go in under his arm, but it’s questionable.

But, I’m still so lucky. I’m lucky Liam has consistent follow up care, lucky Liam is Liam, lucky Moira is Moira, lucky  my husband is doing so well in school (A student) and shining in his success.  I’m lucky for my home, lucky for my larger family, lucky I got a book publisher, lucky I have a good job.  Sure there’s some hard work and diligence thrown in the mix, but I am blessed and I never forget it.  So, Gods of Powerball, keep your money or give it to someone who will spend it wisely helping others.  I’ll keep trying and helping without it because I’ve been given so much already.

Tell me what you think.

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