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Category: friendship

Without Heather

Tonight I will meet friends at Heather Lowell’s house. Heather doesn’t live there anymore. She was taken from us after a long battle with breast cancer, on November 30th. But tonight, close to what would have been her forty-second birthday, her many friends will gather with her four young daughters to remember this amazing, vibrant woman. Heather started Get Born, a literary magazine. Somehow the site is still up, though we expected it to expire before now. I was a regular contributor on the Get Born blog for three years. I only… Read more Without Heather

Day 21: Remembering Mary

I’m re-posting a post about my friend Mary two years ago. I actually wrote another post for today so I met the challenge, but I’ll share that one tomorrow. While I was writing the other post I realized today Mary would have been 39 today, next year she would have been 40. “Would have been,” is the sliver pushed so far beneath our skin when we lose someone we love – it never comes out, just pinches and stings.  Mary is forever be 25.  She took an irreplaceable piece of… Read more Day 21: Remembering Mary

Day Three: My Friend Pam

In the past I’ve written tributes to lost friends George, Mary, and Steve.  Today I want to share the tribute I wrote for my friend Pam.  She was killed last month in a head-on collision.  Pam’s daughters agreed that we should share this, and one of her daughters read the words at Pam’s funeral. Pam’s church was so full I stood at the back and people were seated in the entryway outside of the sanctuary to say goodbye to this remarkable woman.  As the terrible shock is wearing off, the… Read more Day Three: My Friend Pam

What I Need Now

When I was pregnant and distraught ten years ago, waiting for a tiny broken-hearted baby to break through my body and face surgery at best, death at worst, everyone in my life offered to do “whatever you need.” Ironically, I needed nothing. I had a surge of adrenaline that coursed through my veins and made me stronger than I ever thought I could be.  I was like the mother who lifts a truck off her underpinned child.  I needed space and time to get to a place before I could… Read more What I Need Now