Day 31: So Proud

The kids and I went trick-or-treating tonight while Jim (he’s battling a cold) handed out candy.  It was an evening of irony. Liam was being such a pain in the rear about cleaning his room, wearing his costume, and generally being a nice family member, that he was facing the potential loss of Halloween.  Then … More Day 31: So Proud

Don’t Blink

We could have been at gymnastics practice.  We could have been at music lessons.  Instead, we were in the backyard as last of evening light slowly faded and the sun slipped behind the West side of our house.  Moira was jumping on the trampoline, and I was throwing a ball to the puppy, when I … More Don’t Blink


Nine years ago  Jim and I closed on the sale of our townhouse.  We moved in on a wet February day  wanting a child we seemed unable to conceive, with one dog, a ferret, and furniture that screamed 1988. We left two and a half years later with two children and a ferret.  The dog … More Home