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Category: local – Colorado

This Business of Passion: Keeping it Local

I was going to work on an article or my book with my afternoon writing time today, but I changed my mind.  Instead, while sitting in my favorite Old Town coffee shop, Cafe Ardour, I’m contemplating the cost of following one’s passion and the gamble of dreams. When I got out of my car I saw that the environmentally friendly Green Logic store next to Cafe Ardour is going out of business. I confess, I’ve not shopped there often. Mostly because the things they sell are things I tend not… Read more This Business of Passion: Keeping it Local

Day Three: My Friend Pam

In the past I’ve written tributes to lost friends George, Mary, and Steve.  Today I want to share the tribute I wrote for my friend Pam.  She was killed last month in a head-on collision.  Pam’s daughters agreed that we should share this, and one of her daughters read the words at Pam’s funeral. Pam’s church was so full I stood at the back and people were seated in the entryway outside of the sanctuary to say goodbye to this remarkable woman.  As the terrible shock is wearing off, the… Read more Day Three: My Friend Pam